About Us

About Us 


Whispers of Hope is a Christ-centered facility located on a beautiful farm south of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Many options of support are provided to all women desiring a faith-based environment. We are a volunteer ministry, providing all services at no cost to all women.

Our residential and nonresidential programs help women experience spiritual, emotional and physical healing as they overcome negative, life-dominating struggles. The Bible is full of life-changing wisdom in terms of viewing oneself, living life and relating to others. Residents come on their own volition, neither court-ordered nor forced, desiring a Christian approach to their healing. We are not a shelter nor a treatment facility; rather, a licensed Board and Lodge providing an effective coordination of effort and support to women in need. We also accept women who have successfully completed treatment for substance abuse and eating disorders.

Small groups of women who desire a one, two or three-day retreat are also welcome.

Coming soon: Tuesday night Bible study for ALL women!